The Sardinha’s Sausage Company, Inc.

Ed Sardinha, president of Sardinha's Gourmet Foods, knows the meat and sausages business best of all. He grew up working for his uncle, who owned and operated the Amaral and Son's Pork Products Company located in Fall River, Massachusetts, the center of the Portuguese community in southern New England. Amaral's was known far and wide as producer of superior Portuguese sausage and meat products. During his (13) thirteen years with his uncle, Ed learned the business and traditional methods of producing Linguica and Chourico, favorites of the cities many Portuguese residents.

In 1989, Sardinha purchased the company and began adding new products, updating older ones, and expanding distribution. Over the past eight years Sardinha’s Sausage Company has increased its business by several times and expanded its product line to included a wide variety of specialty meats, sauces, and spices. Today Sardinha’s sausages are sold in markets and gourmet shops throughout New England and shipped nationwide.

Ed Sardinha and his family have also developed an exciting new line of low fat, no preservative sausage that duplicate the robust taste and aroma of traditional products. These high quality products use free range chicken and a special blend of natural spices. Ed says, "Surprisingly, our new low fat sausages are just as popular with our old Portuguese customers as they are with our newer, more health conscious customer in the cities and suburbs."

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